Sync data from Openhds to tablet

Hello, I have odk and openhds setup on 3 servers which are currently runing but I get error "FAILED TO CONNECT TO OPENHDS ENTITIES" on two of the three servers when i'm syncing the data onto the tablet. At first I thought it was the TASK under the routine utility but it seems Otherwise. I would be grateful if you could help me out.

hi @arazak584,

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Some more details would be needed.
a) Which version of openHDS are you using?

b) Are the 3 server accessible via internet? Could you share the URL?

c) Are these 3 openHDS instance linked to 3 new HDSS or you first performed a migration of existing ones

d) Can you provide a screenshot of the Task List page for the non working instances?

Thanks and regards

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I'm using version 1.6. They on my local database. I have been able to rectify the problem, I had to set realvisit=1 in the visit table after upgrading from 1.5. The new issue I'm facing is I get incomplete sync for the individual on the tablet.

Please also update the individual table

update individual set religion='UNK" where religion is null;

I have set the religion=UNK but I still get incomplete sync for individuals

please check in the residency table that all location_uuid are not null and in the individual table that you don't have firstnames or lastnames null.

I think the error has to do with tomcat. This is the error from tomcat6 "apache tomcat/6.0.53 - error report<!--h1 {font-family:Tahoma"

Nothing seems to work, Please will it be advisable to redeploy the openhds?