Synchronize ODK with database for more than Upload

is it possible to synchronize ODK with my Postgresql database not only during an upload. Let me explain, we would like to be able to use ODK Collect via a tablet to identify each visitor to our center, but to be able to create a file, which would be available to him each time the visitor returns. He may come 3 times a day. How can I make sure that in ODK Collect I can find out if my visitor has already come during the day or week? The employee needs to find the file quickly

Ubuntu server - PostsgreSQL - ODK Collect Agregate

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?

External Select but i need more

I have the impression that ODK X would meet my needs. If I am wrong, let me know, otherwise we can consider the problem as resolved

Hi @ps_lachute!

You have answered your own question :slight_smile: ODK does not (yet) have longitudinal capability, but ODK-X does, and there are some examples, like the longitudinal clinic study:
that may be particularly helpful.