Syntax error when trying to run ODK-Aggregate v2.0.3 installer


I'm attempting to install ODK Aggregate on a Tomcat (8) server running on Linux (specifically Raspbian). Tomcat is up and running fine, but I'm running into trouble with the ODK Aggregate installer. I have the file downloaded and unzipped, and made it into an executable via:

sudo chmod +x

When attempting to run the executable, with sudo ./, I get a syntax error. Command output is:
./ 1: ./ Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Any suggestions on what is causing this/possible fixes? I'm fairly stumped.


Alright, I figured out my problem. For anyone from the future who runs into this issue, here is what I figured out:

The publicly available ODK Aggregate install files are purely for GUI-enabled systems. Do not attempt to run them on headless systems, they won't work. Instead, run the install file on your own computer, then copy the sql file to whatever system you are running your sql backend on, and run it there. Deploy the war file to your Tomcat server as you would normally, either through the web interface, or by copying it to the /webapps directory.

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