System limit exceeded r (1000)

Hi everybody
I seek some help in troubleshooting my odkmeta do file.
I managed to generate my do file using the odkmeta command on Stata and then run the do file until I get the error "system limit exceeded - see manual r(1000);" How can I do to fix this ?

I am using Stata 15.1 windows-installer on 64bit

Hi @Marcantorche!

This isn't an error I've seen before from the odkmeta do-file. Apparently some limit has been exceeded, but there are many possibilities, so at this point it's hard to say much more.

Which flavor of Stata are you using? That is, are you using Stata/IC, SE, or MP?

Can you tell which command (which line of the do-file) resulted in the error? To answer that, it may be helpful to set trace on, especially if the command is inside a loop. (You should probably also set tracedepth 1, at least to start.)

I am not really a stata user I only use it for odkmeta. However I'll try to answer your question so you can help me
I'm using Stata/IC 15.1.
The line command is 7646.

Stata/IC tends to have lower limits than SE or MP. One common limit is the number of variables. However, usually when limits are exceeded, the error message is more descriptive.

The do-file that odkmeta creates is specific to your form, so line numbers vary from do-file to do-file. What command is on that line? It'd also be helpful if you're able to attach your form and do-file here.

Hello. Thanks for the help. To answer your question, this line correspond to the fonction replace code by label. I attach the form and the do-file as recoME18_Suivi_CS_v26_BND_choices.csv (187.1 KB)
ME18_Suivi_CS_v26_BND_survey.csv (46.6 KB)
mmended, you'll understand better. Thanks again

The do-file could not be attached. I send it to you by gmail

I used odkmeta to create the do-file on my computer, but I don't see anything problematic on line 7,646:

7645 | * ay8kf71
7646 | else if "`list'" == "ay8kf71" {
7647 |     replace `temp' = "Oui" if `var' == "oui"
7648 |     replace `temp' = "Non" if `var' == "non"
7649 | }

Is your line 7,646 the same as mine? If not, try copying line 7,646 of your do-file in its entirety, as well as the 10 lines above the line and the 10 lines below the line, then pasting them here.

Could you also tell me the following?

  • How did you export the data? Did you use ODK Briefcase? Which version of Briefcase did you use?
  • Did you modify the do-file after using odkmeta to create it? If so, how?
  • Could you share some fake, example data for which running the do-file results in the error? Make sure not to share anything that contains personally identifiable information.

On a separate note, I see that your CSV files contain extended ASCII characters (for example, Á and È). odkmeta was written for Stata 11, which does not support most extended ASCII encodings. I recommend replacing those characters in the survey and choices CSV files, then rerunning odkmeta on the updated CSV files. Alternatively, it may work to replace those characters in the do-file you have already created. (However, I don't think this is related to the error you're seeing.)