Tablet suggestions


A few years ago, I used Samsung Galaxy Tab3 and Tab4 for surveys. We are currently setting up a M&E system in Cameroun and I wanted to buy the same kind but they are no longer available. Are there any suggestions for good tablets with 7-8" screens, 3G and Wifi, and 2MB RAM with a decent battery?


Welcome to the ODK community, @Ulises_HM!

Device choice is tricky because recommendations depend on the quantities you need, ability to ship from outside Cameroon, and how performant (e.g., GPS accuracy) you need, and cost.

I took a quick look at the analytics we have for ODK Collect and over the 12 months and here are the results.

In Cameroon, for the users (n=5000) that reported data, the devices used are:

  1. (not set) (18.14%)
  2. Huawei Y560-L02 Ascend Y560 (9.08%)
  3. Samsung SM-G925F Galaxy S6 Edge (9.08%)
  4. Asus FE171CG Fonepad 7 (3.03%)
  5. HTC X315e Sensation XL with Beats Audio (3.03%)
  6. Huawei SCL-U31 Y6 (3.03%)
  7. Huawei Y560-U02 Ascend Y560 (3.03%)
  8. itel it1409 WISH it1409 (3.03%)
  9. itel it1508 Wish (3.03%)
  10. LG K120 Spree (3.03%)

Globally, for the users (n=430,000) that reported data, the devices used are:

  1. (not set) (10.64%)
  2. Samsung SM-T285 Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE (3.83%)
  3. Huawei Y635-L21 (1.88%)
  4. Samsung SM-T561 Galaxy Tab E (1.14%)
  5. Samsung SM-T231 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (1.07%)
  6. Samsung SM-J100H Galaxy J1 (0.97%)
  7. Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0 (0.81%)
  8. Tecno W3 (0.81%)
  9. Lenovo TB3-710F Tab3 7 (0.77%)
  10. Samsung SM-J700F Galaxy J7 2015 (0.77%)

Note that ODK Collect runs on some 14,000(!) different devices and the data we have show a very long tail. That is, the most popular device in Cameroon (Y560-L02) only has 9% of the users.

All this is to say, if you have a large campaign, you should try a few devices and pick the one that works best for your specific use case. If you aren't running a large campaign, in general, paying more gets you a better device and it seems like the Samsung SM-T285 is a safe bet.

When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!


Thanks Yaw! Will update my profile.