Tag/link pictures with defined field

one of the things in which I find ODK Collect a bit weak -IMO- is the relation between the data collection form and the collected images. The "link" thing is a bit clunky (as already discussed here), even more when you want to manage the data extenally (e.g. in R) because you don't have -or, at least, I didn't find yet- a unique key contained in the link that relates directly to the image name enabling a merge between the two sources.

I definitely don't have knowledge of how google works for the creation of such links but, if it was possible, I would suggest to add a form field (e.g. survey plot ID) to the instance name (form name_date_time-plot_ID.jpg).
Another ossibility might be to allow to add the field info as a visible tag in the picture (e.g. bottom-left corner).

IMO, these solutions would allow for a quicker visual check on the pics instead of checking the long and complicated uuids or link by link.