Take photo and save GPS location in one step

I know this has probably been asked numerous times before, but I haven't been able to find it in a search. Using ODK 1, isn't there a way to take a photo and have the GPS position automatically associated without having to go through a separate step to obtain the location?

Thank you, and excuse the newbie post--

Rudy Stricklan

Note, many devices with both a camera an onboard GPS may already be 'tagging' photos taken with the GPS location (and date, and a bunch of other things) in the photo's EXIF data. Once you upload the picture you might actually run it through an EXIF extractor to see if you already have the GPS location you desire. eg here


Thank you, Dr. Bestor. The camera app we were going to use doesn't have GPS EXIF data posting enabled, but we can surely find a camera app that does. Great advice, and thanks once again for your speedy response.

Rudy Stricklan

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