Terminate the form immediately

Hello All,

I have this form where i have a multiple yes/no questions for the consent.
If i got 5 Nos from the yes/no questions i want my form to stop immediately.
But if any of the 5 got Yes i want to continue filling up the form.
I need help on this.
for now i have put on following relevance.
${ness_wish} = "No" and ${ness_better} = "No" and ${ness_fam} = "No" and ${ness_thought} = "No" and ${ness_attempt} = "No"

can you share questionaire or form

Hello Dipesh,

You can use the calculate function. and give the values or score to yes and no questions, 1 and 0,
and use in the relevance.

Dinesh Dongol

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Here you can see in the screenshot i have first group from where if all questions got no or 0
the data collection should stop immediately. Without their consent the questionnaire cant go ahead.

I have tried it but its not working that way.
I used the formula mentioned in the main question.

I had attached the sample form for you.
sample.xlsx (12.6 KB)

If any of the questions says Yes "1" then only the note shows up.

Hope its works for you.

Dinesh Dongol

Hello, Dinesh,

From your sample questions, if the first 3 questions get "NO, " I want to stop the form immediately
by not going to question 4 which leads to the end of the questionnaire ( saving the answers up to 3 only). That's what I want.

Can we do that in ODK?

Hi @dipesh_khadka
Maybe something like this:
yesNoTest.xlsx (6.7 KB)