Terminate the Survey if Respondent don't meet screening question

Hi All,

I am developing an ODK application for a study and I am stuck in between. I have multiple respondent screening questions (few I am mentioning below):

  • Respondent should be:

Male (Q1 What is your sex?)
not below age to 18 years (Q2 What is your age?)
Married (Q8 Marital status?)
Private sector Employee (Q22 what is your occupation?)

So what I want is
Q- What is your Sex?
Option - Male/ Female
If select 'Female', terminate the survey else, continue the survey if its a 'Male'.

This can be solved by grouping the questions and skipping all questions for female by putting ${Q1}='Male' under the relevant column. However, due to multiple-screening questions, this will be a complex process.

Thus, I am looking for a code which i can put in relevant column and it could directly terminate the survey in case 'Female' is selected in Q1.


Hi @nalinsharma2004,

You should ask all your screening questions first before collecting any data. From the example I see Private Sector Employee is Q22 what is your occupation, unless if you other 21 screening questions this question should be asked before collecting any other non screening data.

Now to your question:
I suggest that you go through all the screening questions and evaluate the responses at the end of the screening group. Then add two conditions:

  1. Client is eligible - proceed with interview
  2. Client is not eligible - terminate interview

Why this approach:

  1. easy to code and implement
  2. if you are collecting data for a publication the collected data is useful for the consort diagram - reasons for exclusion

Do you mind sharing your form and the screening criteria, it will be easier to explain using your own form.

Congratulations on your first forum post, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community.

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Thank you Ronald for the suggestion. I think this is the simplest way to do it.

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