Test new questionnaire

Evening for all
i'm happy to write you.
I want to know if it's possible to test a new questionnaire in odk Collect without to use openhds and without to use odk Central to charge this questionnaire.
Thanks for your help


Yes, it is possible, you can use the online converter

The online converter allows users to convert the form to XML. It also offers an online preview powered by Enketo.

However... is it possible to actually test the form in the ODK Collect app? How would I do that?

Additionally: besides converting the form, many of our forms use external resources (.csv files for select_one_from_file fields). The converter's Enketo preview does not seem to support that. And I guess I'd need to get these files into ODK Collect, too?

I have to find the resource but yes you can drag and drop the xml definition of your form and the csv files at the right place on your phone. I'll try to answer more precisely soon.

got it :

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