"text" type does work with the input of multiple languages?

Can we use "text" type with the input of other languages? I have used this "text" type to input using other languages. Then after converting(output) the files into *csv file, I see as below. I cannot solve this problem. Please anyone explain or solve this problem? I use ODK briefcase to export the data collected.

Hi @Tun_Lin_gpt

is it after sending a form to Google Sheet?

My organization collects data in written languages that use scripts other than the roman alphabet, such as Amharic. We don't use Google Sheets, personally. When exporting the data from Aggregate or using briefcase, we are able to see non-roman alphabet text. As Grzegorz suggested, I would try that.

It happens after exporting from Aggregate.

How do you export the data collected? We got only csv file when we export the data from Aggregate or briefcase?

Are you trying to open a CSV in Excel? If so, please see


Hi LN Thanks a lot. Now I have tried and that works well.