The Central API docs no longer show helpful usage examples

I realize that the API docs have moved to but there I cannot find anymore the examples on how to use the methods in Bash, PHP, Python, etc. And I can't find them anywhere else, any pointer please?

Hi @manghig

pyODK is documented here

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I found a fork of the old API docs here

Hi @manghig

Sorry, I misunderstood your initial message. You can find all the information you're looking for in the official docs

I recommend using the official docs site instead of the fork you mentioned, as it is better maintained.

I understand that, but the "new" API docs platform seems to miss the panel which shows the examples how to use the methods in several different languages

that the old API doc platform had.

Sorry to know that some functionality you found helpful has gone away! One of the reasons we decided to migrate away from Apiary is that we found some of the examples very confusing. In particular, the Python examples used APIs we would not recommend.

Is it mostly the curl examples that you found helpful? Do you think a curl primer specifically for the Central API endpoints would be helpful? Or do you really want them inline? One issue we found with the curl examples is that because they didn't include auth they felt of limited value.

We haven't explicitly shared this, but the new docs are powered by the OpenAPI spec which has a lot of tooling around it. Here is the source. In particular, you can use that in tools like Postman if you want to try single queries to get to know the API or perform one-time actions. There's more information about using Postman with the Central API in this thread.

Thanks for the reply

Maybe adding a warning would have solved that.

My use case is mainly curl/php but that is not the point. My point is that any example is better than no example, especially for people that are not developers by trade. It was true that Apiary didn't included the auth/token in the examples, but if one read the docs from start it is clear that any call had to include it... This does not seems to me a reason to ditch those immensely useful examples: click on the method and right away you get a real example.

So I imported into Postman and the first thing I notice is that many methods seems to be missing, for example I started ranting again (sorry for that) because I was looking on how delete App users and I can't see in Postman. Is the collection complete? It seems so comparing to the actual API docs or Thanks.