The limit of characters number in name field


I want to know the maximum number of characters in name field for questions in xlsform?


The default maximum length of characters for a text field is 255. This is documented at

If you want to use than 255, you have to increase the database field length as documented at

Is there a limit on the amount of text in the control label, and/or the control id? Same limit as 255 for the result?

Oh, looks like I misread the question. Thanks for the hint, @Xiphware.

JavaRosa, the library that Collect uses, stores the label as a String (relevant code). So it's large ~(2^31) characters or half your maximum heap size.

pyxForm, the library that does the XLS to XForms conversion probably does the same, so on a 64-bit install of Python, ~64 GB.

Practically speaking, you are more likely to be limited by the maximum length of your Excel cell (~32K characters) or maybe the RAM that your rendering device has?

I dunno. Try a big string, @yabasha and report what you find.

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