The limit of characters number in name field


I want to know the maximum number of characters in name field for questions in xlsform?


The default maximum length of characters for a text field is 255. This is documented at

If you want to use than 255, you have to increase the database field length as documented at

Is there a limit on the amount of text in the control label, and/or the control id? Same limit as 255 for the result?

Oh, looks like I misread the question. Thanks for the hint, @Xiphware.

JavaRosa, the library that Collect uses, stores the label as a String (relevant code). So it's large ~(2^31) characters or half your maximum heap size.

pyxForm, the library that does the XLS to XForms conversion probably does the same, so on a 64-bit install of Python, ~64 GB.

Practically speaking, you are more likely to be limited by the maximum length of your Excel cell (~32K characters) or maybe the RAM that your rendering device has?

I dunno. Try a big string, @yabasha and report what you find.

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please can anyone help me:
in a choice one question, the maximum number of characters is only 32 for answer value, is there any way to increase this to at least 60 characters or more, or even allow spaces and "ç" "ã" as in text answers

Hello @BrunoAngelo, this thread is very old and it focus on aggregate which is no longer updated. Aggregate is no longer being updated. You can consider switching to Central because it's actively developed.

hey thanks for answering...
but do you know anything about my doubt? could you clarify something about this?

Hello again, I shared about central because it is built differently. For example, submissions are no longer stored in database tables. I have never encountered such a scenario, but you can try and share specific errors that you get.


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