The problem with transferring data to google spreadsheet

Hello friends,
Could you help me, please?
I have used google spreadsheets as the place for saving my data and successfully collected and saved them here, but yesterday I suddenly found out the transferring of data to spreadsheet doesn't work.
I collected some data and can't get them from my cell phone to google spreadsheet using wi-fi.
Is there any other way (for example using communication cable) to extract survey data from ODK application.
Hope for your help,

Hi @Constantine

could you add more info? What kind of problem did you see? Any errors?

Thank you four your replay. Sure. Unfortunately, I can't send several pictures at once. :f(

The next^

Do you use an empty sheet or maybe you already have some data there?

Hello again.
I made this spreadsheet at the end of last spring it seems to me and had been using it without problems until now.

Definitely, there are about 100 records with pictures in it.

Could you try wit a new sheet?