The question titles get blank when collect is inactive for a while

A colleague had this bug for the second time since march and took a screenshot :

This happens when he leave the app open without using it for a while. The question titles are no longer displayed.
He still can save the form, then quit Collect and reopen ODK to continue its inventory.
His phone is a Samsung galaxy a52 5g (version one UI 4.1, android 12)

Do you know if the phone was switched from Dark to Light mode while the app wasn't in use? Does the user have the phone set to switch automatically at different times of day maybe?

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Hi Callum,

My colleague just told me that the dark mode is forced on is phone (always "ON")
The "Eye confort" option is also activated.

That's confusing because the screenshot has clearly been taken on a phone in light mode - not only is Collect using a light theme (which can be forced), the status bar (with the network, time and battery info) is white.

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Oh, you're right!
I just checked on his phone. Some apps are dark, not all and not Collect.

Can you check if "Dark theme" is enabled in (Android) settings in "Display"?

It is enabled in the "screen" settings (Ecran in french) and also elsewhere to "apply dark mode to background" (personal translation...).

And what theme setting is Collect using? "Use device theme", light or dark?

"Light" theme was enabled.

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@Szymon_Rujner @dbemke I think you can take a look at this when you are free. Maybe you will be able to reproduce.

Do you know what was in the previous question in the form? Was there a signature widget or annotate widget?

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Hi Dominika,
Thanks a lot for taking a look at this.
This question is the first on of a repeat group for places. The form is the one posted here : ODK to collect species and habitats localities, as pressure and threats to ecosystems - #10 by mathieubossaert
This places repeat contains a repeat for observations. Its last question is an "annotate" image.
But before asking for a new place, a calculate string maybe shown in a note, id the user did ask for it in the form preferences...

Hi. I’m able to reproduce something similar (titles disappear) if there are opposite themes chosen in Collect application and on a device (e.g phone- dark mode, Collect- light mode) when you are on the question with „Take Picture”.
Steps to reproduce:
1. In device settings choose dark mode.
2. Go to Collect app.
3. Go to Settings → User interface → Theme
4. Choose „Light theme”.
5. Go to the form.
6. Go to question with „Take a picute”.
7. Take a picture in a landscape view.
8. Click „Markup Image”.
9. Click device back button.
10. Click „Ignore Changes” in „Exit Markup Image” dialogue.
11. Click next or swipe to the next question (if necessary repeat steps 8-10 a few times).
After swiping to next/previous question, titles disappear in questions so it might have been the case. This also might have happened after ignoring changes in „Annotate image” widget.

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I've had nearly invisible text a few times recently but haven't tracked down a repeatable war to make it happen, but like @dbemke I think it's opposite themes that are causing it. I've seen it on both labels and dialogues (exit form and quit/save are black text on a near black background).

I'll try to get it to happen again and grab screenshots.


I guess it's nearly invisible when the device is in light mode and the application is in dark mode

Thanks @mathieubossaert for reporting the issue and @dbemke thanks for reproducing.
The issue is now reported in our repository

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