Thousands-sep input doesn't autorise up to billion

Hello community

I used thousands separate in XLSFORM. It work on web collection but I can't entrer number up to billions in KoBo Collect

I need your support

For KoBoToolbox questions (including for KoBo Collect), you'll want to ask on their support forum. However, KoBo Collect uses ODK Collect code so the two should be functionally the same.
Your issue is interesting. I wonder if the XLSForm documentation is outdated, as it shows that appearance option should work on Collect and not in Enekto.

To help troubleshoot:

  • What Android version are you using and what country/language is your device set to in its settings?
  • What version of KoBo Collect are you using?
  • Can you attached a copy of your XLSForm file with only the problem rows included?

I use Android version 9
The language set in my device settings is french
I am using Kobo Collect v1.27.3

Xlsform.xlsx (10.3 KB)

The issue here is that you are using the integer type. An integer can only take up to 9 digits (see documentation here), so you can not enter billions. If your values will be that high, you can use either decimal or text (with the number appearance).

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