When i download csv file from aggregate server
I need time stamp in pakistani time

Hi, @azam_iqbal!

Aggregate v1.x will normally use the local time format of the server it's running on, and you can't change it unless you change it for the whole server, which might affect other apps and will require some technical expertise.

Aggregate v2.x will use a standard ISO8601 format that most apps understand.

If you need a specific format, your best option is probably to add a calculated field in your form that produces the format you need. You can check the XForms functions reference for that.

You can also use Google Spreadsheets or Excel formulas to transform from what Aggregate produces to the format you need.

Kindly give me example excel form (xls form)
so i understand easily add a calculated field

Hi @ggalmazor,

The starttime and endtime should be based on the device time. Does changing the device time or time zone fix the issue. Aggregate should show the submission date and time.

thanks for reply
but my device time is perfect. when i send data from odk collect to odk aggreagte time format change in server