Token Timeout Period change

I am trying to create a safe data transfer application using ODK. There are android users who must register before filling the forms. The App and the server have been setup without much of hassle.
I need to have a token expiry timeout period to make the server session secure. This I am assuming will happen through a setting in the server. I tried searching for it in the config but I am not able to succeed with my endeavour.
So basically The aim of the question is to know how can the token for each user be renewed from the server after a period of time.
ODK Aggregate is v1.4.7 Production

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Token timeouts don't exist in ODK Aggregate and there is a feature request Moving to a Modern Authentication Method that discusses the need. Perhaps you can contribute to that discussion?

Also, ODK Aggregate 1.4.7 is about two years old and it's important that you upgrade.

If you are on App Engine, it's important to upgrade as soon as possible because Google changed the login mechanism and deprecated parts of the backend. You risk getting locked out of that server.

If you are on not on App Engine, it's important to upgrade because there have been a number of bug fixes that you are not benefitting from.

See for the upgrade steps.

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