Towards more consistent UI in Collect - 2019-01-25

I want to invite the community to join a few of us (including our friends from Pivotal Act) who will be having a follow on conversation about improvements to ODK Collect's UI.

The call will be held at and we will put the notes, audio, and transcript of this call in this document.

The call will be Friday, Jan 25th from 16–17 UTC (see in your time zone). Will you be there?

  • I will be there!
  • I can't make it this time, but I'm interested in calls like this

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As much as I'd like to and am keenly intertested, Saturday @ 5am is just too hard (I can only manage one 5am-er a week :wink: ). Will review doc. Thnx.

The agenda for the call is:

  • Pivotal presents redesign using Material
  • Talk about next steps

See you all tomorrow!

Some recent updates requested by The Carter Center that might be relevant to this conversation:

During this conversation an example "reskinning" of the app was presented to demonstrate what might be a nice balance between remaining conservative but picking up Material more seriously. I realized when talking to @LN the other day that there wasn't a link to this so I've exported the Sketch project to a PDF and linked it in the agenda.

I'll link here as well so you don't have to search through the agenda.