Tracking an asset through a workflow

Hi. I'm in a tomato traceability project. The idea is to know the path of the tomato from the producer's farm to the final consumer. The producer puts the tomatoes in boxes, then they are transported to wholesale collection centers, then they go to the retail centers (supermarkets, restaurants, autoservices, final buyer). For this, I suppose that each box must be identified with some code. The information that needs to be collected from the farm is the georeference, name of the producer, type of tomato, some photograph, etc. The idea is that the final consumer can know the origin of the tomato he buys, by accessing a website or by scanning a code from his phone. Do you have any idea how to implement this with the forms?

Hi Marcelo,

A simple approach could be to have a form that:
1- collects the desired data
2- generates a unique random code
3- prints a QR code with the link to the instance (e.g. websitename/unique_random_code)

Once the form is submitted and processed, the data would become available at the web address.
By simply scanning the QR the page would open up and display the info collected at point 1.

You could alternatively encode the info at 1) in the QR code 3). The limit of this approach is that if you ever need to do some corrections to the info, you can not. While with the first approach you can potentially correct errors from the field.

Feel free to message me if you want to brainstorm more.


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Hi. Thanks for your answer. Do you have an example form to implement that?

How can I link the data collected in step 1 to a web page using a QR code?