Transferring ODK multimedia to S3 bucket

I have installed ODK-Central on Digital Ocean. Now I want to transfer all multimedia data (images and videos) from Digital Ocean to my AWS S3 bucket. Can anyone help how can I achieve this??


Pretty much anything you would want to do with ODK Central that's not already a feature, has been implemented by someone else in the community, and thankfully many have chosen to share their code on GitHub. These are 2 projects that seem to do specifically what you're after:

Recently we updated the pyxform repository readme with a big list of packages you might also find useful: Although this list more about XLSForms there's a few that overlap with ODK Central data management.

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Why do you want to do this? Are you looking to move the data or copy it? If it's a copy, do you expect the textual data to keep the link to the DigitalOcean copy or the S3 copy?

Would the ongoing work at External storage for blobs in ODK Central - #3 by LN solve this problem for you?