Trouble accessing Central from web

Hello Paul. I'm new to this forum. I had to join immediately as I am having some issues with my setup of an internal ODK central server on Ubuntu 20.4. I was successful at installing docker and bringing the services up. But I'm stuck at this point and I can't get to access central on a web browser. I have to close off my project this week. Please help!!

Welcome to the ODK forum, @Deoinaidis_Persaud! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread. Thank you for adding a picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

@Deoinaidis_Persaud ,

I can't tell where you are stuck....

Could you provide more details? Also note that much of the setup and configuration is on this thread or ODK website.


Hello again Paul. I was successful at the installation of Docker on my ubuntu server. I have also ran sudo docker-compose up -d with no errors. I am now uncertain what to do with the .env file in my case:

  1. I want this service to be accessed on my internal local network.
  2. I am not getting to the ODK central administration console using this server's IP address.

Hi danbjoseph.

  1. There were no errors during the installation on my local server
  2. I have attached an image of the results of the docker-compose ps below
  3. What can I do if I am not using the let's encrypt


My thinking is you will need to configure the .env to the server's IP (just thinking since you don't have a domain name use IP). The ODK central should now be available on a browser using the IP.


Hi Paul. I tried this several times. I even tried changing the port numbers. Please see image below of the .env file.


For SSL you'll probably need to use a custom cert as described in the links I attached earlier, in the installation documentation, and also in Use easy-rsa to set up a self-signed certificate authority for Central. It is rather complicated.

I have an internal Active Directory Certificate server installed. Can you advise on how I can make use of this certificate server for this use case. Thank you.

You need a fully qualified domain name, not an IP.

You also need a cert (full chain and private key, as described in our docs). If or how Active Directory Certificate server can generate a cert that will work with Central and be trusted by most Android devices is beyond the help we can provide on this forum.

If this is urgent, consider posting in the