Trouble downloading aggregate from Github


I am not able to download ODK aggregate from Github. It starts the download and then tells me download Faild-Network error. I have downloaded it before from the Open data kit page but now everything looks different. For example I am downloading to a windows 10 computer, 64 bits but the title of the zip file only says that it is for windows. Is there any other page I can Download aggregate from? Any help is super appreciated as I have been with this problem for days. I even created an account on Github, took down all my firewalls and everything else Chrome told me to do.

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Hello Roxanne,

I had the same issue, luckily I have downloaded ODK Aggregate ( at hame a day before. So, here it is shared:

You should check hash of the downloaded archive, as it is not wise to believe strangers on the internet. :slight_smile:


Please note that 1.6.0 is still in beta so if you are looking for a production-ready version, you probably want

How long are you downloading for before the download fails? A few seconds? Several minutes? Close to an hour? Have you noticed how many megabytes Chrome says it has downloaded?

The official releases are hosted on GitHub now. I think it would be helpful to add more context on to help users figure out which is the right download.


Golden. It worked!!! Thank you dear stranger on the internet.