Trouble installing Voxeo on same virtual machine as ODK-Voice

I've installed Voxeo on an individual virtual machine and had no problems
with it. However, I'm now trying to install Voxeo on the same machine as
OpenMRS and ODK-Voice and when I try to start it I get this problem, where
the Management Console and SIPMethod Server won't start. I'm in contact with
the Voxeo tech support and they've had me put my local IP into the
voxeo/SIPMethod/conf/sipmethod.xml file, but it's not fixing anything, and I
didn't have to do that when I installed it on the separate virtual machine.
Has anyone come across this problem?



[root@openmrs-devel voxeo]# ./prophecy start
Service 'Voxeo Prophecy Log Search' started in 0.1 seconds.
Service 'Voxeo Prophecy Log Indexer' started in 0.0 seconds.
Service 'Voxeo Prophecy Directory' started in 0.0 seconds.
Error starting service 'Voxeo Prophecy Management Console' - Error = 0
Error starting service 'Voxeo Prophecy SIPMethod Server' - Error = 0 Success
Service 'Voxeo Prophecy Server' started in 0.1 seconds.