Try the Collect 1.7.0 beta


The beta for version 1.7.0 is now available from the Play Store and
we'd appreciate feedback, especially about any crashes or unexpected
behavior you might encounter.

Things to test in v1.7.0 beta:

  • Bulk configure devices offline via QR code (In Admin Settings, under
    Import/Export settings)
  • Easily take pictures that default to front camera by using "selfie"
    appearance. I have attached a form for you to try out!
  • Scan barcodes without needing external Barcode Scanner app
  • Change app language (in General Settings) and verify translation quality

Read full release notes:
Report any issues:

If you're not yet enrolled in the beta program, consider joining at Note
that while betas are generally close to production-ready, I don't
recommend enrolling devices that are used to collect real data.



selfie.xlsx (3.59 KB)

··· On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 6:12 PM, Hélène Martin wrote: > Hi ODKers, > > For those who don’t know me, I’ve been working closely with Yaw and > the other fantastic developers on ODK improvements. I hope you’ve been > enjoying the monthly releases! If you’re a developer, do come play > with us at > > We’ll be making bigger improvements over the next few months and want > to make sure we have processes in place to get community feedback. As > a first step, we are launching a beta program for ODK Collect. > > You can join the beta at > > > Beta members will receive updates before they are rolled out to > everyone. Each beta release will provide a list of changes so that you > can quickly identify affected forms and verify that they work as > expected on your device. We do our best to catch unexpected behavior > but we don’t have access to every combination of form, device, and > Android version. > > Final releases are planned for the last Sunday of the month and we > will publish a beta on the Wednesday before that. We may put out > earlier betas when we make big changes and would like more feedback. > > We really appreciate your help making ODK Collect as good as it can be! > > Thanks, > > Hélène