Trying to parse a string read from a barcode

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I am scanning a barcode the name of the field is "barcode".
The output is a string in this form aaa|ssd fff vvv|a|err|1234567890|3356

I want to pass the individual regex matches into separate fields

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3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
This is what I have done so far:

  1. In another field using calculate I have used regex(${barcode},('[^|]+')
    the idea is to pull aaa into this field
    then pull ssd fff vvv into another field

  2. I have tested the regex in

  3. I was expecting "true" as regex results in true or false

The next step would be to get the actual string match - not sure how as of yet

I would appreciate any ideas on this.

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Try this:
parsebarcode.xlsx (9.3 KB)

Basically, it converts your '|' delimited string into a space-separated one, allowing you to then use selected-at() to extract each field. Once each field is extracted you can perform whatever further calculations and/or field-specific validation checks you wish on them individually. Note: in order to preserve the original spaces appearing in the second field, you have to translate them into something else and back again; you will have to likewise do this for any fields that can potentially contain spaces.

If you like, replace the above ${barcode} text question with an actual barcode one to scan the string in.

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Thanks @Xiphware, this works perfectly.