TSC status and expected time commitment

Hello, just checking in here. What is the status of the TSC? Are there going to be elections?

Also, any thoughts on how much of a monthly time commitment it will be?



The current plan is for DIAL's OSC to handle the application process and advise the PMC during the selection process to make sure the processes are as open, fair, and transparent as possible.

As stated in the Project Management Committee meeting notes for Nov 14, 2017 "Hope is that PMC can vote in mid-Dec, but it’s probable this will get bumped to Jan because of holidays."

For me, an ideal TSC member would be participating in online discussions, reviewing code, providing technical mentorship, leading working groups, and generally being present in the community.

Those things can take as much time as you can commit, but a few hours a week on some of the above would go a very long way. Moreover, that level of involvement helps contextualize the technical decisions the committee has to make.

If you are looking for the minimum time, then I'd guess at most 2 meetings per month at the beginning, so that'd be 2 - 4 hours per month.

Thanks Yaw, that's a very helpful summary.