Two integer questions. The value cannot be zero in both. How to do this?

Dear All,
I am facing problem in the below question. Both integer....both value cannot be zero. How to make form according to this...
Q1. Total no. of event A? ___________(integer)
Q2. Total no. of event B? ____________(integer)
either one can be can be zero, but if anyone is zero the other cant be zero. Both can be greater than zero also...see below example
for example: 1,0, 3,2, 4,0, 0,2 2,2
Bout NOT: 0,0

Please find attached excel sheet... refer to yellow highlighted part...

ODK excel LBW tool-test2.xlsx (28.2 KB)

PLEASE HELP how do i write relevance/constraint?????????

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Hello @fahad800400 ,

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Regarding your issue, you can use the if condition with the note you have included in your form. See attached.
ODK excel LBW tool-test2.xlsx (34.0 KB)

See the docs for more info

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Try adding this constraint to both integer questions:

constraint: not(${CountLiveB}=0 and ${CountStillB}=0)

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