Two repeating group and filtering specific field data

hi everyone, my question is, i have two repeating groups respectively after these groups i have a select_one type question, here i have to show member_names of both repeating groups how do i do this please help me ASAP.

group 1
e.g names of group 1 amina,asma,fatima

group 2
e.g names of group 1 salman,arif,asif

select_one type question

Please take a look at Generate multiple choice alternatives, based on the answers in a repeat

thanks for your reply mam but this link not work for me because i have two repeated groups then i will show the data of some of one field from the groups.
if you have any solution then kindly mam discuss with me thanks again

As far as I know this is not currently possible. I've added this example on to the discussion at This would be a good limitation to remove.

thanks to add this topic at github community but right now its too urgent to solve this issue so if you have any roughly idea how to solve it and how to handle two repeating groups then i am very kind of you.

@majid_ali you can use the attached XLS. I know it is not an efficient way but can continue your work using it if this feature is mandatory in your case.

get_option_from_two_repeat_answer.xlsx (14.2 KB)


Thanks @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN for this sharing i checked this file but some empty option shows there and it is inappropriate i will shows only names those are written in repeating group not shows the empty values if you have a knowledge about how to hide these empty option then kindly share.
thanks again for your replying.

@majid_ali Adding appearance compact in the last question. see if now okay or not.

get_option_from_two_repeat_answer.xlsx (14.3 KB)