Unable to connect device on hotspot while using Share app

Hi everyone,
I want to be able to share ODK forms between mobiles, so I can be the reviewer and supervise the quality of data collection before sending it to google drive.

I am using the share app and am unable to connect the device of the receiver to the hotspot of the sending device. The QR code does not generate in the sender's mobile. I am using Moto e5plus with android version 8.0.
Connecting manually to the hotspot also doesn't happen as I am not aware as to where I will find the port number, as it is not mentioned in the readme file of Share v.0.9.1.

could you guide me as to how I can circumvent this problem? I am facing the same issue with both versions of the share app Share v0.9.1 and 9.0
As am new to ODK, please help!