Unable to display whole form in a go

report.xlsx (238.0 KB)

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

I have explored an ODK survey forum (https://enketo.ona.io/x/YPoK), this from able to display all set of question right after opening on the web-browser.

My built form is unable to display all set of questions, for reference i have attached screenshot of my forum after opening on web-browser & also my xlsx. file

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ashish_Lalita_Singh,

Since this is your first time, I've chosen to respond to you.

It's crucial to provide detailed information about your issue instead of only posting the xlsform. That way, it can be challenging to understand what's happening.

To make it simple, just follow the guide by answering the questions when making a post.

Apricated your swift response, as i am novice on this platform, I am exploring option to add the screenshot.

As it seems you are using ONA, there is a special help forum too: https://help.ona.io/

Questions/Groups having a relevant condition are only shown if/after this condition is true. See

Generally, for grouping questions on pages, see