Unable to resolve host

I am having the same problem. I can see my list of forms but I cannot download a blank form. It says Unable to resolve host. No address associated with hostnameCopy media files failed. what could be the issue? I have my hostname in the server in settings. I know it is connecting to the server because I am able to see the list of forms...what else can I try? Thanks! Beth

I am having this exact same problem! Any solutions yet?

@pazjusticiavida I've moved your posts into one since it's the same issue. What did you put for your domain name? If you can paste the results of the certbot command, that'd be very helpful.

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Hey all,

I'm having a similar issue, having set up a new Aggregate instance on Azure, following the instructions posted on the ODK documentation.

My issue is identical, in that that I have a working instance of Aggregate, with the ability to upload forms, but inability to download them on Collect. I can see the form list, but get the following error as Download Results:

"FormID - Unable to resolve host "private":No address associated with hostname

Hello, could you solve it? I'm having the same problem in Azure too

Hey @dany037,

I found that it was an issue with my web domain. You need to create/access a domain (I used GoogleDomains, xyz.com), and then set an 'A' record pointing to the IP address of the server (https://support.google.com/domains/answer/9211383?hl=en).

That solved my issue.

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