Unable to scan Code39 barcodes on Formtec GS-1068 Labels

We recently purchased the “TECNO DroiPad 10D 4G -10 inches” tablets but we are not able to scan Code39 barcodes on Formtec GS-1068 Labels (with 14 characters e.g. GX0001213BDX or GX00012-113BDX)
We are using the integrated ODK barcode scanner because scanning barcodes also failed when we had the Zxing app.

Could you please see if you could assist

A few Key Specs worth noting are:
Display 10.1 inches
O.S: Android 7.0


If ZXing can't scan your barcode, then it's very unlikely that ODK Collect will be able to. My guess is that your devices don't have an auto-focus camera.

My advice is to try with ZXing and get that working first. https://github.com/zxing/zxing/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions#it-doesnt-focus-or-scan-on-my-phone is a good place to start.

Thanks, @yanokwa.
Let me check out the link you've shared