Unable to send finalized form


I am unable to send my finalized form, despite ensuring the box is checked for "Mark form as finalized" at the end of the form (I also checked all fields are completed correctly). It keeps the form in "Edit Saved Form" folder and when I click on "Send Finalised Form" it says "Northing available to display. Try finalising saved forms before sending."

I am running ODK Collect V1.21.0 on the Lenovo tabE7.

I also checked previous forum topics about "send finalized form" but couldn't see my particular issue.

Grateful for any help!


I found this old post of a user with a similar problem.

Thanks. I did read through this and it didn't address the problem. The box is always checked when I go back in to look at it, and the form is not crashing or ending suddenly without me exiting it normally.

What is the subtext in that form in Edit Saved Form?
Saved on... like:
or Finalized on... like:

Saved on Tue, Apr 09, 2019 at 14:01

Is that a problem with one specific form or it doesn't matter?

I have tried three different forms and the same thing happens each time.

But hang on, a small line popped up quickly and then disappeared. I had to save the form a few times to be able to get all the text. It says "Invalid RSA public key. Form has not been saved as finalized."

I looked this up on the forum and found someone else had the problem and it looks like it has to do with my encryption key. Cannot Finalize Forms in ODKCollect

I will try and resolve that now.