Unable to Update Version of Form

I have a form I'm trying to update the version of. My old version was 9231901 for September 23rd 2019 revision 1. When I tried to increment it to 10071901 for today's date it refused to let me update it because it said the version number needs to be lexically larger than the existing version. I looked up this term because I wasn't familiar with it and the jist seems to be that US date formatting won't work for version numbers. I didn't notice this sooner because my first revision was in October of last year.

I tried changing to a date format like this:
YYYYMMDDVV (V being version number)

This didn't work because the number now starts with a 2 and it previously started with a 9. I tried adding a letter "A" at the beginning:


This gave me the error that the form has no Form ID defined, which is clearly not the case so I figured it didn't like the fact that I added a letter to it.

Finally I tried replacing the letter with the number 9 so the string would be all numbers and still be lexically larger than the previous string of 9231901. This didn't work because the number was too long. I can't use 919100701 because that's lexically smaller than 9231901 and I can't use 9919100701 because it doesn't allow numbers that high. The only option that seems to work is 991910071, which means I can only have a maximum of 10 revisions on a single day (probably not an issue) and have a version number which makes almost no sense.

Why is this system set up like this? It seems needlessly restrictive to not allow a version change without the version being lexically larger. Why isn't it enough for it to just be a different number than the previous version?

Unfortunately, it's a bug in Aggregate, it takes the first char which is 9 in your first version and 1 in the second one and treats the first version as newer: https://github.com/opendatakit/aggregate/issues/244

The format should be YYYYMMDDXX where XX is your version in the current day 01,02 etc. Then you will avoid this problem because your new version will be always higher.