Understanding the ODK Briefcase operating system

Good Afternoon Dear All
I would like to apologize for the length of my text but I would like to understand with the simplest words the real workings of ODK Briefcase and by ricochet its handling.
What I was thinking:
When for a question of server change we don't have access to the forms stored on the old server we could use ODK Briefcase to transfer the submissions to the new server using the "odk" folder on the tablet, more precisely the "instance" folder. Then the "pull" function can be used to retrieve the submissions from the "odk\instance" folder and the "push" function can be used to push all the submissions to the Aggregate server. If my understanding is correct we should be able to see all these forms in the Aggregate server. This is not the case for me in all the exercises or manipulations I undertake with ODK Briefcase. Thank you for helping me understand what I'm doing wrong.

yes you should be able to pull forms from Centrall/Agregatte/ODK Dir and push it to Centrall/Agregatte as well. Are you getting any error doing that?
Here you can read more about ODK Briefcase ODK Briefcase — ODK Docs

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