UNDP seeks ODK Consultant in Kenya

Position description

The Open Data Kit (ODK) technical consultant will work under supervision of the Amkeni Wakenya Project Manager and directly with the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. More specifically, the consultant will:

  • Develop a technical strategy to resolve any data capture errors for data submitted by the IPs in the ODK system.
  • Design SPSS data capture and analysis protocols for real time data submitted by the IPs through ODK system.
  • Update as appropriate all the active IPs in the ODK system and enable the IPs report real time on all the field activities being implemented by the IPs.
  • Update as appropriate ODK training manual and train all Amkeni Wakenya project staff on the upgraded system and working closely with the 4 Senior Project Associates conduct 4 virtual training for all the 32 IPs in the 4 regions.
  • Address the following technical challenges that have been documented by the IPs over the last one year.
  • Technical challenges related to data entry before submitting through ODK thus resolving the issue of double entry of information.
  • Provide alternatives to the use of android phones whenever feasible.
  • Develop a strategy of enabling the Amkeni Wakenya project staff and IPs staff to access the data once it’s submitted to ODK.
  • Provide technical advice of the usability of ODK with PWDs (deaf, blind etc)

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