Unselecting a Chosen Option

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New question.

I have a radio button of list options in my forms. I have attached a copy of the same.

In this case student ratings are being recorded on the radio buttons.

Now if there is a team that has only 2 students, and if we accidently choose any of the option for Student 3, it cannot be unpicked. Is there a way around this?

you can try to delete the saved instantance( dont submit it) and rating again

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Thank you @dmtk41 , the form will be used by a whole bunch of children, recording scores for students of their class. It may not always work out well with them. I am hoping if there is a way the input parameter can be set.

My initial thoughts were to make "0" as a default option, but that messes my average calculations. Because if a classroom has 30 students and each team has to have a max of 4 students, then the team with just 2 students would still look at the option of student 3 and 4, which in effect turns the number of entries to be 32.

Appreciate your suggestion! :slight_smile:

In ODK X I've made use of the select_multiple option, this will allow you to unselect an option.

I'm not aware if there's a similar option in Collect.

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I am not aware of ODK-X. Will look it up to learn more. Thanks so much :slight_smile:


I think the option shouldn't be relevant then (not visible at all). Please attach your form and we will be able to help you.

If you long press on the "Student 3", it will give you the option to clear that answer.

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