Update notice keeps checking for updates

I'm on Win 10 with a Lenovo machine and Java 8. All worws fine. But I just realized that briefcase is always looking for updates.


I can pull/export etc etc..but the message "Checking for updates" stay there (now is 20 min)

Hi @aurdipas!

Some silly questions before digging deeper:

  • Briefcase needs to be connected to the Internet. Can you confirm you have an Internet connection?
  • Briefcase needs to reach GitHub's API URLs. Could you tell if your firewall lets you reach https://api.github.com ?

Also, do you have a briefcase.log file you could attach here? We might have some error trace there.



briefcase.zip (41.1 KB)

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Hi @aurdipas!

I see that your computer can't resolve the api.github.com domain. This is normally due to some restrictions or custom dns servers in place in your network.

java.io.UncheckedIOException: java.net.UnknownHostException: api.github.com

This would explain why the message sticks. In any case, I think we should desist after some time and show the user a message informing that we can't check for updates. I'll create an issue to track this.

Very weird...now it works.



Ah, the Internet...