Update the audit log structure

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I had a quick look at the new export options on ODK Central v1.1 and I have seen that the audit CSV file included in the *.zip now merges the audit data for all submissions, which is great (while it seems to me in previous versions it was only available for the last submission).

I was however wondering if it would make sense for the community to add the unique ID for the corresponding submission (uuid) as a new column so as to be able to further interpret the audit log. This would be useful to group audit data by submission and to generate automated processing for monitoring purposes.
e.g., ODK central users may be interested in monitoring how many changes are done per submission in average, identify enumerators who edit more often than others, whether edits were done when filling in the form for the first time, or later on (on ODK Collect or Central when the edit features will be available), etc

Thanks for bringing this up, @Thalie! This is really more of a bug -- the intent was to match the Briefcase export which has instance ID as the first column. We'll try to fix it within the next couple of Central releases.

In the mean time, you should be able to use Briefcase to get the behavior you're looking for.

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Thank you for the answer @LN ! I will have a look at Briefcase in the meantime as you suggest :slight_smile:

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As an update, as part of ODK Central v1.2, the combined client audit CSV export will now include the instance ID. Thanks, @Thalie, for reporting this issue!