Column headers missing in Briefcase audit export

Hi @LN ,

Good to see the good work on the audit log.

I have always wondered, my log files doesn't have column headers on Accuracy, latitude, longitude, old and new-value.

I am currently using ODK briefcase 1.18, however, I never saw the column headers with older versions of briefcase. Is it a bug?


This is a known issue tracked at Unfortunately, it's not straightforward to address. Our priority has been to move more and more of the Briefcase functionality directly into Central.

Thanks @LN,

I fully understand your priority. In many resource-limited settings, it will not be possible to fully move the workflow to the online systems.

Kindly, consider maintaining and supporting offline applications like xlsform offline, ODK briefcase et al. To me, it feels like slowly ODK is going back to where we started with ODK build. I had to work at night many times when internet was stable and faster to build, test forms and download data.

It may be hard to understand if internet connection and speed doesn't affect you, but I know may users of ODK can associate with my experience.