Update to Age Range Selection in Household Member Form

Dear Team,

This email follows up on the previously created household member form.

I've successfully implemented the following functionalities:

**1. Automatic Age Calculation:** The system now automatically calculates the age of a household member upon entering their date of birth.
**2. Age-Based Gender Filtering:** Age calculation and subsequent functionalities are triggered only if the household member is identified as female.

However, during the pilot testing phase, a 2% error rate was observed related to the selection of the age range for female members between 0 and 49 years old. To improve accuracy and streamline the process, I propose the following:

**Automated Age Range Selection:** The system should automatically select the appropriate age range:

age_of_others less_than_month < 1 month
age_of_others 2-11m 2-11 months
age_of_others 1-5y 1-5 years
age_of_others 18-49y woman of childbearing age (18-49 years)

The selected age range should displayed as a note for the enumerator's reference. I assumed this change should significantly reduce the error rate and enhance data collection efficiency. Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information.

Thank you,
new_household_registrationv2.xlsx (581.3 KB)

Dear all,
I succeeded in creating the conditions above and it is working now.
age_range_test.xlsx (576.5 KB)

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