Updates to forms

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I have three forms in my project, and I have given app users access to these forms. If I decide I want to change access and an app user should now only have access to two of these forms - how would I go about changing this? It appears that once I make the change to form access in ODK central, it doesn't automatically update for the user in the app? The same for if I was to update a form (by adding a new question), how will this update for app users who already have access to that form?

Also if an app user needs to change to a different QR code (another app user with diffe, how would they do this?

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You can change which App User has access to what forms in the Form Access tab. See https://docs.getodk.org/central-projects/#central-projects-form-access.

The devices update form access and the forms themselves every 15 minutes, but you can force a refresh by hitting the Refresh icon on the Fill Blank Form screen in Collect.

To switch between different QR codes, use different projects in Collect. See https://docs.getodk.org/collect-projects/#adding-a-new-project for more.