Upgrade to 2023.2 custom DB port

Hi, I prepare to upgrade my Central to 2023.2 and I am following the instructions

Moving configuration from files/service/config.json.template:

  •  "host": "[hostname]",
  •     "port": "custom port",
  •    "user": "[username]",
  •    "password": "[pwd]",
  •    "database": "[dbname]",
  •     "ssl": true

to the .env file but instructions offer only the following keys:


How to specify the custom DB port? through the DB_PORT key or using the hostname:port notation of the DB_HOST key?

Thank a lot


Is your problem the same as discussed in this thread?

I believe not. Referred issue looks like a passwd or SSL problem. The PostgreSQL is running locally on a default port 5432 (therefore no port specification is needed).

My situation is such that I am using PostgreSQL as a separate cloud service (on Digital Ocean) and running on a non-standard port. Therefore I need to specify the port explicitely. I specified it in the connection string so far but as it will be constructed from env variables I need to know the mechanism how to pass it through.

I tried to keep the downtime as low as possible and therefore prepare maximum beforehand while the current version is still running. I could pull the new version and do some reverse-engineering of the initalization code but I supposed it should be a simple qustion-answer.

So, is there any specific setting (env variable or e.g. hostname:port format of the ENV_HOST variable) that is ready to use or shall I do an exploration by combat?

Thanks Vranoch