Upgrading/downgrading ODK Central on hardware resources level


I am a very strong user/supporter/admirer of ODK aggregate, having worked on aggregate in extreme load conditions as well (it survives all the time, die hard!!!). Now, it seems that ODK Central is the new road ahead.

My question: How can I upgrade the hardware resources for ODK Central in the middle of the project? In aggregate, I used to stop AWS server, bump up its machine power (CPU, RAM, Disk space), and everything starts to work fine for bigger resources. How to manage these things in Central, especially disk space, without losing data? I guess docker works in very different ways, especially for hardware resources. Doesn't it allocate resources/configuration only at installation time?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Here you go: https://docs.getodk.org/central-upgrade/

You can do the upgrade with the old version running, then stop/restart the image to pick up the changes. A few seconds downtime.

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Thanks. This seems to take care of software version upgrade. Will the hardware resources work with the same commands (minus git pull)?

My specific use case concern: A running central version needs additional RAM and disk space (no software upgrade). Do I shutdown the server, upgrade server specs, and restart it? As simple as this, with data safe?

Yes, if you resize the machine, Docker will notice and do all the right things.

T2.micro out of CPU credits so ODK Central server down - #2 by yanokwa has some of my recommendations on running Central on AWS.

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