Upgrading to Java 8 runtime

Hi if I migrate to Java 8 as indicated on the Google Cloud Platform , what will happen to my existing submissions

@preethi_gundavajhyal, welcome to the ODK forum. Please introduce yourself here when you get a chance.

The only way you'll be able to upgrade your runtime on GAE is by installing Aggregate v1.6 or later. Your submissions should remain, but I would strongly recommend you follow the upgrade instructions which will help you generate a backup.


While the link you have pointed to is very informative, I am unable to find the version of odk aggregate as afterPropoertiesSet does not appear in the logs. What am I doing wrong. Please help.. My application is crashing terribly and I am unable to fix the errors.



We should tease apart the various problems here.

You don't need to upgrade the runtime until Jan 2019, so you still have a few months.

It sounds like the more pressing issue is your application crashing. Can you describe exactly what is happening?

I keep getting an out of memory error.my survey form consists of 15 questions which consist of among others 5 pictures to be uploaded.when someone with a moto g5 phone or a redmi note uploads pictures.it is crashing. So I assumed increasing the VM should help. We are hosting aggregate on a google cloud trial period .


Are you installing on Google App Engine (GAE) or on Google Compute Engine (GCE)? If you are using GCE, then yes, upgrading to a bigger machine would work, but using GAE would work even better as far as cost and performance.

I am installing on the Google app Engine (GAE)

Can you please upload a screenshot of the out of memory error you are getting?

Thanks, that helps. Here's what I think we should do. We need to figure out what version of Aggregate you are using, try to upgrade it, and when we do that, increase the size of the machine. Can you please add yanokwa@nafundi.com as an owner (use the Google App Engine console, not Aggregate) to do that.

I don't know how big your images are, but you should also consider scaling them down on the device. https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-question-types/#scaling-down-images has instructions.

Odd. Try yanokwa@gmail.com and see if that works better.

I've had a chance to look at your server. You are on ODK Aggregate 1.4.15 and what I'd recommend is you upgrade to the latest version of ODK Aggregate (v1.6.0) at https://github.com/opendatakit/aggregate/releases/latest.

During the upgrade, increase your web server size. I'd try F4/B4 and see if that works better. If it doesn't reduce the errors, then try F4_1G/B4_1G.

I'd also encourage you to consider adjusting your form to resizing images so they aren't so big.

Thank you so much.I had tried directly upgrading to 1.6.I kept getting permission denied error..