Upload database from GoogleSheet to ODK Central

Hi eveyone!

My team and I, have some forms than their data is upload to Google Sheet, we want to migrate all the info to our new ODK Central on DigitalOcean.

How we can conect our data to ODK Central an used it on our server?

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It is possible to use Briefcase to migrate data from another ODK-compatible server to Central (for example, from Aggregate - see How to migrate data from Aggregate to Central - #2 by LN for a brief discussion about it), but that method will not work to move data from Google Sheets to Central since a Google Sheet is not a really a server.

You might be able to do something with Central's fully featured REST API (possibly using pyODK) but there is not a straight-forward process.

Are you using a visualization software, and can you connect the datasets together within that software instead of combining into one dataset?