Upload form using command line (curl)


I have a list of options for a question that is updated regularly. So I need to update and upload my forms on some schedule. I wonder how can I use curl command to upload the forms to the server hosted by google cloud? I could find in one old thread suggesting using:

curl --verbose --digest --user MyManagerUser:MyManagerPassword --header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --form "form_def_file=@/tmp/MyForm.xml" https://example.com:8080/ODKAggregate/formUpload

I tried to use

curl --verbose --digest --user username:123456 --header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --form "form_def_file=@/Users/aaa/Downloads/11.xml" https://xxxx.appspot.com/

the conection is < HTTP/2 200 , but no form gets upload. I guess it is because of the wrong url? what is the sub directory that I should use?


You should have the formUpload in your URL for the request to activate the correct java servlet.

Additional Information: I just checked Aggregate's web.xml and it shows that either /upload or /formUpload should work.

thank you! how about the .csv file? what is the right path to upload?