Upload of Aggregate server page "jumps"

Hi everybody
Here is my problem: For the last month, I have been trying to go to my ODK aggregate. When I write my link in the web browser, it starts to upload aggregate but then it “jumped” from one page “…appspot.com/Aggregate.html” to another “…appspot.com/Aggregate.html/#submissions/filter//” and jumped again. It never stops until it uses all my quota from Google app. I can't see the form or the data. If I try to access the form from ODK Briefcase (v1.5.0), it doesn’t connect to my aggregate server. I tried to access from different browser and different computers (Windows 10 and Mac), no success
My staff sending the data to aggregate don’t have any issues, and no error message appear on their smartphones.
I use the same server for at least 2 years, so 1) this is not a problem of login/password, 2) this is not a problem of quota
I think it started when I uploaded a new form
Any thought?
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Anne! You've done all the troubleshooting that we need to diagnose this problem, so thanks for that!

It sounds like the form upload corrupted your form database and that's why you are seeing the infinite refreshes. This is a problem that has been improved in newer versions of Aggregate, so I'm betting you are using an older version.

https://github.com/opendatakit/opendatakit/wiki/Aggregate-AppEngine-Troubleshooting has a guide to repair the database, but it does require someone who is technical and detail oriented to fix it. If you don't have anyone like that on staff, update this thread and I'll try to find someone who can help.

Finally, if you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

Good day Yaw,
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Sorry for my late answer. I spoke with the IT department in my university and they don't feel comfortable to try to repair it. I would be grateful if you could find somebody who can take care of it.