Uploading forms into ODK Aggregate

I have a question about uploading a form into ODK Aggregate.

I have designed an XLSform using Microsoft excel. I have made sure that the XLSform has no errors as I was able to preview it in Enketo.

I am aware that to upload a form into ODK Aggregate, the file must be converted from xls to xml.

However, when I try to upload my xml converted file into ODK Aggregate it gives me the following error:

"HTTP Status 400 - Problem with JavaRosa Parsing Form: org.opendatakit.aggregate.exception.ODKIncompleteSubmissionData: Javarosa failed to construct a FormDef. Is this an XForm definition?"

I have tried checking the xml file for any errors I may have missed, but I still receive the same error message from ODK Aggregate. Please help!

could you share your excel form here?

Try to convert your excel form to below link.


As a new user, the forum will not allow me to upload my excel file.
Is there any way around this?


Hi @mineshkhatri

you can use an external service like https://uploadfiles.io/ and then pass a link here.


Thanks @Grzesiek2010! Here is the file that I am trying to upload to ODK Aggregate: https://ufile.io/b9nkn

Appreciate it being looked over.